10 Benefits of tea Kelor dried leaf drink for all diseases

Leaf Kelor or Moringa is already known as a herbal supplement that has many benefits. Kelor leaves contain vitamin A, calcium, potassium, vitamin C and protein sources. In addition, Kelor leaves also have 90 protective compounds such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, isothiocyanate and many more. Kelor leaves can be used in various ways such as dried kelor powder, a tea leaves that can be consumed by brewed hot water, seeds from fruit and flowers that can be processed by means of baked or dried, oil kelor from Kelor seeds are often referred to as Ben Oil and many more. Then, is the benefit of dried kelor tea leaves that can be obtained for the body?, here's an explanation for you.

10 Benefits of tea Kelor dried leaf drink for all diseases
10 Benefits of tea Kelor dried leaf drink for all diseases

Contains antioxidants

This dried kelor leaf tea contains the same essential amino acid mixture as inside carrots and tomatoes. Sources of antioxidants such as quercetin and other natural anti-bacterial compounds are going to work in the same way as most anti-inflammatory drugs. Kelor Leaf tea also has anti aging compounds so as to reduce oxidative stress as well as inflammation such as beta carotene, vitamin C, polyphenols and also chlorogenic acid which is very useful to reduce the risk of some chronic diseases such as cancer Lung, stomach cancer or colon cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure as well as age-related eye disorders.

Lowering Serum Cholesterol levels

Dried kelor leaf Tea can also reduce high cholesterol so it is also widely used as a traditional heart treatment and has been shown to reduce serum cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque formation. In research in rabbits is evidenced in the event of a decrease of 50% serum cholesterol and also 86% reduction of atherosclerotic plaque formation in 12 weeks of admission of Kelor extract.

Controlling blood sugar

Drinking dried kelor tea leaves is also very good for hyperglycemia drugs that are also able to regulate blood sugar so that it is well consumed diabetics. This can happen because the leaves contain kelor fiber, quercetin 3 glucosides, isothiocyanate and also chlorogenic acid so that it is very well taken daily.

Fight different types of cancer

Tea Kelor dried leaves can also be used as A cancer solution because in addition to containing antioxidant vitamins such as A, C, E, dried kelor tea leaves also contain quercetin, Kaemferol and also rhamnetin. With this, the growth of cancer caused by the damage of free radicals at the cellular level can be lowered. Some of the benefits of dried kelor tea leaves are for liver cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and also skin cancer.

Overcoming inflammation in the body

Drinking dried kelor leaf tea is also very good for overcoming inflammation against injuries and also chronic inflammation that occurs because of free radicals while reducing the pain caused. With the ability of this tea in overcoming chronic inflammation, then some dangerous diseases such as heart disease and metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance and diabetes can also be addressed properly.

Delivering energy boosts

The body always needs a source of energy to function normally. The body's energy needs will also be important for growth and tissue repair from food consumed. But with increasing age, the body experiences a lot of cell damage so it is no longer efficient in the regenerative process so that the body will be more lethargic. Drinking dried kelor tea leaves containing many of these antioxidants can reduce cellular damage. In addition, vitamins, minerals and also all essential amino acids in it are also very important for repair and regeneration of tissues so that it can provide Energy boost to the body.

Boosts immune function

Dried kelor leaf Tea is also very important for boosting the immune system and providing protection against seasonal ailments. Various diseases such as allergies and flu can also be solved by drinking kelor tea leaves that are also often given to HIV + ve patients as adjuvant to anti-retroviral therapy.

Lose weight

Drinking this tea regularly can also help you in the process of losing weight. This beneficial effect is derived from the many factors given by the kelor leaves such as anti-inflammatory, diuretics can simultaneously reduce water retention. While the high fiber benefits in the leaves of the kelor can reduce the absorption of fat in the intestines and decreased insulin resistance that could prevent the buildup of excess fat.

Gastrointestinal problems

In addition to the many benefits of kelor leaves for uric acid, drinking dried kelor tea leaves is also the best way to cope with digestive tract problems. Kelor leaves have a mild laxative effect and high fiber content in it will facilitate the movement of the stomach content along the digestive tract. In addition, this kelor leaf tea can also reduce constipation and overcome mild digestive problems caused by microbes and digestive worms.

Improve breast MILK breastfeeding

Of the various benefits of kelor leaves, dried kelor tea leaves can also be consumed to increase breast milk in nursing mothers due to the high content of calcium in the leaves. In addition, drinking tea leaves kelor after childbirth is also important in overcoming tired after childbirth which can also cause decreased production of breast milk occurs.

The benefits of dried kelor leaves tea turns out to have many nutrients that are very useful for the body. For those of you who want to drink this herbal tea, then can brew the kelor leaves that have been dried with hot water then cover and let stand a few moments. Strain the tea and it's ready to drink.

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