6 Benefits of Bidara leaves for beauty and health

Bidara leaves are derived from the Bidara tree that can withstand the dry area. Despite living in dry areas, these plants never wither, even more dense. Because of this uniqueness, scientists are curious about the benefits of Bidara leaves for humans. Once researched, this leaf has a myriad of benefits for human health. Here are some benefits of bidara leaves for beauty and health.

6 Benefits of Bidara leaves for beauty and health
6 Benefits of Bidara leaves for beauty and health

1. Heal Wounds

Severe injuries and bleeding can certainly make the body easily infected. If you often experience this, don't worry! Use the cleared Bidara leaves to stop the bleeding. Not only that, the leaves of Bidara can also make wounds to the skin recover faster and completely closed back. In addition to bleeding wounds, Bidara leaves are also able to recover burns, as the leaves are efficacious to regenerate new skin cells.

2. Insomnia

Experiencing hard sleep certainly makes the body less fit and all important activities are delayed, right? The consumption of bidara leaves that have been processed into juices and drinking regularly, so that the insomnia will be reduced little by little. In addition to drinking daub Bidara juice, you should also avoid using the gadget before bedtime so that the juice of the Bidara you consume can work well in the body cells.

3. Eliminate Acne

Spending a lot of money to clean acne is quite detrimental especially if the kerawat do not lose. This time, we will provide an easy and inexpensive yet effective way to eradicate unwanted pimples. Just soak the leaves of the bidara destroyed in water for a few hours, then compress the pimples with the Bidara water. In addition, you can also make a paste of bidara leaves by destroying the leaves as smooth as possible and mixed with water to achieve consistency such as pasta. But remember, eliminating acne with Bidara leaves is not instant, but it requires process and persistence.

4. Prevents hair loss


Thick and strong hair is the dream of every woman. However, due to the weather conditions, lifestyle and age factor, hair is often subjected to unnatural loss. Therefore, treat the hair using Bidara leaves. It is quite easy, boil the leaves with water and apply the boiling water to the scalp such as hair tonic. Moreover, Bidara leaf stew can also be mixed with shampoo to make it more practical.

5. Improve immune system


Many activities make the body become tired quickly and stamina decreases. The decrease in stamina is one of the main triggers of the immune system. If you have a myriad of activities and it is very easy to feel fatigue or sick, preferably consume bidara leaves that are processed into juice or drink the water of the dun. If you feel the processing of bidara leaves is quite troublesome, you can also consume herbal supplements containing bidara leaves.

6. Prevents vaginal discharge


Maintaining the health of intimate body parts is one of the important factors to avoid illness, bacteria and fungi. One of the health problems often experienced by the womanhood is vaginal discharge. In fact, vaginal discharge is a very reasonable thing, but at certain levels whiteness has become a signal for women if something goes wrong on the femininity area. To overcome femininity problems, it is good to use a bidara leaf bath while cleansing the body. The use of Bidara leaves is not only clean but also against fungi and nasty bacteria nested on the part of the body.

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