6 Benefits of empty stomach eating sparsely known fruit

Eating is one form of routine activity and must be lived by every living creature including humans. Feeding food can be aimed at helping to meet the nutritional and nutritional needs of the body to undergo every activity. Certain food consumption can also help in maintaining health conditions due to nutritional benefits and also helps to overcome certain conditions of the disease.

6 Benefits of empty stomach eating sparsely known fruit
6 Benefits of empty stomach eating sparsely known fruit

Fruit is one type of complementary food that can be consumed to provide the intake of vitamins and other nutrients needed by the body to be able to process normally. Fruits are often used as desserts or food consumed after heavy meals. Apparently, good fruit consumption is before eating when the stomach is still in empty condition. Here are some benefits of the empty stomach eating fruit in the explanation below.

1. Fruit nutrients can be absorbed better

The benefit of the empty stomach to eat the first fruit is to make the nutrients contained in the fruit can be absorbed better than consuming fruit after a large meal. Well-absorbed nutrients make the benefits of fruit that exist can be felt optimally by the body. With maximum nutrient absorption, only by consuming a small amount of fruit can help fulfill the overall needs of daily nutrients.

2. Make fruit more useful

As in the explanation above, eating fruit when the stomach is empty can make nutrients in the fruit are absorbed better and more maximized. The better absorption can help in making the fruit more beneficial to the condition of the body according to the type of fruit each with the content in it. With the benefits of fruits that can be felt more maximally, it can be a part of supporting health conditions.

3. Preventing gas production

Other benefits that can also be gained from fruit consumption at the time of an empty stomach is preventing the occurrence of gas production from the process of digesting the fruit. Excessive gas production can lead to a flatulence condition that will certainly interfere with enough. The assumption of the fruit can cause flatulence when consumed when an empty stomach is wrong during this because the fact instead of consuming fruit when an empty stomach does not cause excessive gas production in the stomach.

4. Make the fruit is not rotten in the stomach

Other benefits that can also be gained from the consumption of fruit when the flatulence is to help keep the fruit freshness longer in the stomach and does not make it foul fast that requires the fruit to be discharged from the body much faster before all nutrients is well absorbed. The fruit that does not rot quickly will help the process of absorption of its nutrients become more optimal than when consuming the fruit after or together with a heavy meal.

5. Prevents increased gastric acid

Increased gastric acid or often referred to as ulcer conditions characterized by abdominal pain is a condition of symptoms of health disorders often experienced by many people. Often the assumption of consuming fruit before eating or when an empty stomach can cause an increase in gastric acid and cause abdominal pain. In theory and its explanation, the assumption that appears in the community is not entirely true because the actual consumption of fruit after a large meal can cause the fruit to rapidly turn into acid as a result of mixed with other foods during the process Organs. The condition of the fruit that changes sour can trigger stomach ulcers and increased gastric acid.

6. Provide more benefits than fruit
Some types of fruit are apparently able to provide more benefits when consumed when the stomach is empty than after eating heavy foods. Some types of fruit that can provide more benefits when consumed when the stomach is such an empty belly:

Apples, well consumed when an empty stomach to help in preventing the occurrence of the risk of colon cancer, heart disease, and even stroke as part of the benefits of apples.

Strawberries, whether consumed when the stomach is empty or before a large meal to get the benefits of strawberries such as protection of the body from the cause of cancer, preventing blockage of blood vessels, and eliminating free radicals.

Oranges, consumption of citrus in amounts not excessive before eating or when an empty stomach will help provide citrus fruit benefits for health and beauty in lowering cholesterol levels, dissolving kidney stones, and preventing the risk of bowel cancer.

Guava, can help increase endurance and prevent constipation when consumed when the stomach is in empty condition or before consuming heavy food as one of the benefits of guava.

That's some explanation of the benefits of empty stomach eating fruit that needs to be considered well. The explanation of the benefits mentioned above can be a matter of objtion related to the assumption that mentions the fruit can give adverse effects to digestion when consumed before eating or when the stomach is empty. Side effects of eating fruit when an empty stomach can occur when the amount of fruit consumed is too excessive.

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