6 Benefits of olive oil for the face and correct use

Olive oil has been known as a good oil for health and beauty since long ago. Besides being utilized in the kitchen, olive oil is also widely found in the form of beauty products. The benefits of olive oil for the face may be greater than we imagine. What are the benefits of olive oil for the face and how does the application?

6 Benefits of olive oil for the face and correct use
6 Benefits of olive oil for the face and correct use

Olive oil Content

Olive oil is an oil or fat produced by pressing the olives. If talking about the benefits of olive oil, it can not be separated from the content contained therein. Olive oil does have a variety of nutrients that the body needs and there are excellent for the skin.

Olive oil is rich in the antioxidant polyphenols. In addition, there are also content of vitamin E and K which is quite high in olive oil. Both are vitamins needed to maintain skin health.

Benefits of olive oil for the face
The use of olive oil for beauty has been done since ancient times. For more precise use of olive oil, check out some of the benefits of olive oil for the following faces!

1. Cleaning make up
The benefit of olive oil for the first face is to cleanse the face of the makeup. Olive oil works like a cleansing oil so it can be used to clean up a pretty thick makeup. However, although it works like cleansing oil, the way of using olive oil is different from cleansing oil.

If some cleansing oil may not require you to rinse the face with face wash, then it is not so with olive oil. After cleaning the make up with olive oil, you should rinse the face back with face wash so that the remaining oil in the face does not clog the pores and cause acne.

2. Moisturize Facial Skin
Moisturize the skin is indeed the benefit of olive oil for the most major face. Antioxidant and vitamin content in this oil that works to keep skin's moisture awake. Keep in mind that maintaining skin's moisture is essential to do.

Moist skin is healthy skin and easier to avoid from various skin problems. If skin fatigue is maintained, skin care absorption to the skin will also be easier.

3. Overcoming Dry Skin
Olive oil has a moisturize effect, so it is certainly very good to be used by dry skin owners. Olive oil can be put in a range of skin care routine for those with dry skin. Using it can be used as a mask or scrub mixture.

The use of olive oil is more recommended for dry skin owners, but it does not mean that olive oil cannot be used by other skin types. Normal skin owners can also use olive oil, although the need is not as much or as often as dry skin owner.

4. Reduce acne inflammation
Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties so it can help to cope with inflamed pimples. Generally acne appears on the type of oily skin, today olive oil is allowed to be used by the owner of oily skin.

In oily skin, olive oil should be applied to acne-prone skin, to prevent oil buildup in the face. In addition, you can also mix other natural ingredients that can also help you cope with acne. Do not forget also to rinse the face properly after using olive oil.

5. Overcoming Sunburn
Besides being able to reduce inflammation in acne, the antiinflammatory ability of olive oil can also be utilized to cope with sunburn. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn which can then also trigger skin cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil can help to soothe skin.

6. Antioxidant for facial skin
The benefits of olive oil for the next face are as antioxidants. Free radicals may arise due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other causes. The face requires Antioch to resist the free radicals.

The benefits as an antioxidant and the moisturize benefits of olive oil make the olive oil believed to be able to prevent aging. Skin whose humidity is not maintained and exposed to free radicals is essentially going to be aging faster.

Choosing and using the right olive oil
Olive oil is divided into several types and not all olive oil can be used for the face. The type of olive oil that can be used for the face is the most healthy type that is extra virgin olive oil. Once you know how to choose the right olive oil, here are some things that need to be dicatahui in olive oil use.

How to use olive oil in the face
Previously mentioned about the use of olive oil can be used as a makeup cleanser, made a mask, and also used as a mixture of scrub. You can mix other ingredients when making olive oil as a mask or scrub.

After using olive oil, rinse back the face so that the oil does not remain on the face and clog the pores. In addition to using direct olive oil, olive oil can also be contained in products such as soaps or other skin care.

If you want to use products with olive oil content, make sure you use the product according to the rules and make sure the product claims to suit your skin needs.

Conditions that should avoid use of olive oil

The use of olive oil is not recommended in some skin conditions such as the following:

Sensitive skin. The use of olive oil on sensitive skin could potentially cause irritation or allergic reactions.
Oily skin. Although the use of olive oil can help overcome acne, but its use for oily skin should be severely restricted.
Dermatitis. Skin that has been inflammatory due to dermatitis or similar condition should avoid using olive oil because it can exacerbate skin condition.

The benefits of olive oil for the face turned out very much. If you want to get maximum benefit, use olive oil carefully and according to your skin needs. Good luck!

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