10 reasons to consume mangoes every day

Mae Chan, a nutritionist and physiologist, explains why it is necessary to consume mangoes every day in their meals at Health Impact News. The full review you can see below.

10 reasons to consume mangoes every day
10 reasons to consume mangoes every day

Cleans the facial skin
According to Mae Chan, the mango fruit can help shrink pores and make the face fresher. In addition to routine consumption, use also for outside treatment. It's easy to get a small, thin mango fruit and then stick it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Finish off by washing the face thoroughly.

Lose weight
Mango is rich in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients that can help the stomach easily satiety. Mae Chan adds this fruit has a role in accelerating the process of burning calories in the body, so it can help lose weight.

Has alkaline properties
Alkaline has a vital role in maintaining the smooth digestion process and removing toxins in the body. Well, Mae Chan says Mango contains tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid which have roles and functions like alkaline body.

Controlling blood sugar
Mango has a low glycemic level, which is about 41 to 60, so it will not increase blood sugar levels excessively. However, you need to check your blood sugar levels to keep mango consumption safe for the body. So said Mae Chan.

Increase sexual arousal
Good news for men NIH. The reason, mango fruit can increase sexual arousal especially in men. Mango has a vitamin E content that is quite abundant. This Vitamin can help control the sexual hormones both in men and women. So that was delivered by Mae Chan.

Healthy Eyes
This one is also not less important to know. Mae Chan reveals Mango fruit rich source of vitamin A. In a cup, this fruit can donate daily vitamin A needs up to 25 percent. Vitamin A has a very important role to maintain eye health.

Smooth Digestion
In addition to fiber, Mango contains enzymes that can help to facilitate the digestion process. Furthermore, Mae Chan adding natural fibers contained in the Mango can act as a probiotic, so as to maintain the health of the digestive organs.

Overcoming dehydration
The rich nature of the mango fruit, makes this fruit suitable for hot weather. Make fresh mango juice, add a little sugar or honey and water to taste. Serve while cold, for dehydration in the body can gradually improve.

Maintains endurance
Another reason is the need to consume mango, namely because rich in vitamin C and 25 carotenoids. According to Mae Chan, the source of this nutrient can help to increase endurance so that it is not easy to experience pain.

Become a facial scrub
For those of you who want to have a smooth acne-free face, take advantage of this mango to scrub the face regularly. Mae Chan gave her compound recipe by mixing the collision of mango, honey and milk. After a week, feel the difference.

Healthy Snack Selection 
Instead of eating spend free time with a snacking snack that is unclear nutrition, mending eats the mango that has clear nutrients and its benefits. You can eat this fruit immediately or make it a healthy fruit juice.

So, still hesitate to eat the mango fruit every day?

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