11 Benefits of rice water for Health

Rice water Content

Rice water itself contains many minerals and substances that are beneficial to nourish the inside and outside of the body. Such as amino acid content, vitamins, minetral, and antioxidants. Rice containing sugar makes rice water that has been cooked to contain carbohydrates and is commonly called water Tajin.

Thank you for visiting this site and reading
Thank you for visiting this site and reading

1. Rice water as a hungry multiplier

The benefit of the most mainstream rice water is to evacuated hungry. Cooked rice water or tajin water will make the stomach satiety because it contains carbohydrates. Air Tajin is suitable to be consumed by infants or children who still can not eat rice. Adults can also consume them because they taste sweet and delicious.

2. Rice water can prevent and reduce hair loss

Having long hair especially women inevitably brings some problems one of which is easy hair loss. Naturally this problem interferes with self-confidence because the hair becomes thinner. The cause of the hair is usually caused by dry scalp and weak hair roots. Rice water can help prevent and reduce hair loss by making hair roots stronger.

3. Rice water treating dry and damaged hair

The mineral content and Pitera contained in the rice water can treat dry and damaged hair. Dry and damaged hair is caused by the use of various chemical substances or the arrangement of hair that is too extreme. Rice water will help regenerate damaged hair by restoring the moisture of the hair.

4. Rice water makes the skin face and body soft

As explained, the Asian women have proved that rice water is useful to make the skin of the face healthier and brighter. The content of various vitamins such as Vitamin E makes the skin brighter and can even be whiter. Do not worry, rice water will not make the skin dry and even vice versa.

5. Rice water controlling excess oil

Rice water containing amino acids will make the pH in the skin stable. This will have an impact on the stability of the oil content in the skin, especially facial skin. As we know, oil in the face does often cause new problems such as stubborn acne. Rice water will become oil control.

6. Rice water as an antioxidant

Rice water that will protect from pollution also sunlight serves as an antioxidant according to the antioxidant content in it. Whether skin or body, rice water will help our bodies resist harmful substances that can arise at any time.

7. Rice water can reduce and prevent wrinkles

Wrinkles on the face are not a rare problem. Entering the age of adult wrinkles on the face will arise by itself and most interfere with the appearance and confidence.  There are many ways to reduce and prevent wrinkles and one of them is to use rice water.

8. Rice water becomes body warmer

In many countries that produce alcoholic beverages, rice water can also be used as an alcoholic drink and suitable to be a body warmer in winter. Like the water of Tajin, it is not so strange and the craze of many alcoholic drinks lovers.

9. Rice water for Deep heat

The benefits of rice water I have tasted since it was small and continues to be done until now. Starting from mama who always give it when still hot inside. Apparently this treatment has been done as an alternative to ancient Chinese national medicine. The effect given turns out to be quite potent.

How to use:

Wash rice before cooking
Urination First Laundry
Take 1 glass of second/third laundry water
Drink in the morning.
Note: You have to be vigilant, if it used to rice it very much "the Sagunya" hand we chopped in the rice can be like a sago stick. But nowadays it is very difficult to find rice flour like this.

10. Tengorokan Sick Rice Water

Well still related to the heat of the inside, you who are experiencing a rancorokan pain can also utilize rice water. The water of rice that you drink is very potent to treat the pain of the neck, damping it and relieve the pain. Its use is also almost the same, namely drink the laundry water.

11. Rice Water for Acne

Well, this is a new breakthrough of the research done by the world of beauty, apparently rice water is also potent to overcome the problem of stubborn acne.

Here's how: just wash your face every morning with the rice water laundry (laundry to 2/3), do it routinely and feel the difference.

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