5 Benefits of Mango for your facial skin care

Who is not familiar with the mango fruit? This sweet fruit has a lot of khaisat for your body, you know. One is for the health of facial skin. Mango has a beta-carotene is quite high, so it can overcome various problems on the skin of the face, ranging from pimples to blackheads. Read the benefits of Mango for the health of the facial skin below, let's!

5 Benefits of Mango for your facial skin care
5 Benefits of Mango for your facial skin care

1. Skin Lightening

Mango has a vitamin C and A content that is very important to restore skin condition after exposure to sunlight. You can use the skin of Manffa to overcome the skin of the burned face. It's easy, you just have to rub the inside of the mango skin onto your face and hand skin. Then, let stand for 10-15 minutes, and rinse using cold water until thoroughly clean. Use this way 2-3 times a week to get the most out.

2. Eradicate blackheads

The stubborn blackheads make you look less? Just overcome it with a natural scrub made from mango fruit. Mix one teaspoon of mashed mango meat with one teaspoon of liquid milk, and one teaspoon of honey. Stir until evenly, then rub this mixture on the face with a circular motion. This Scrub can help remove dead skin cells and remove blackheads.

3. Overcoming Acne

Mango has an AHA content that serves to rejuvenate the skin, and vitamin A is a source of antioxidants, as well as beta-carotene to solve acne problems. Use the raw mango, slice at once with the skin, then boil, and let stand to cool. Soak the cotton in the boiled water of the mango and apply it to your face.

4. Fade black spots and Panda eyes

The mango fruit can also help you to fade the black spots and eyes of the pandas in the skin, as well as make it more radiant. This is also due to the high content of vitamins and beta-carotene in the fruit. Just rub the mango on a pre-cleaned facial skin. Let stand a few moments, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

5. Preventing Premature Aging

High antioxidant content in mango fruit can also obstruct or prevent premature aging of facial skin. Pigmentation that occurs in the skin will be solved by utilizing the mango as a skin mask. In addition, mango fruit can protect the facial skin from free radicals that trigger premature aging and cause skin cancer.

Well, who is a figure not a mango fruit can you use for skin care, ladies? Happy to try It!

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