8 Benefits of Kelor leaves for health

The world is not as wide as kelor leaves. Must you ever, hear the proverbs? Yes, the proponent invites people not to despair because there must be a way of every problem, because the world is not as wide as the kelor leaves are very small in size. The leaf of the kelor itself belongs to the tribe Moringaceae and has the scientific name Moringa Oleifera. 

8 Benefits of Kelor leaves for health
8 Benefits of Kelor leaves for health

Kelor crops can grow easily in tropical areas such as Indonesia and some sub-tropical countries located in the South Asian region. In Indonesia, Kelor leaves are often consumed for food and medicine.

This kelor plant has a height of 7 to 11 meters with a thin stem and the direction of its branches upright. The stem is long with a bright green, handicap leaf. Since the 1980 's, this kelor crop has been widely researched by teams from around the world. In conclusion, all research shows that the leaves of the kelor have very large benefits as follows:

1. Drug stress

In the research published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics is mentioned if the kelor leaves are one of the best crops to cope with stress. Why so? Because on the leaves of Kelor there is a natural an adaptogen that can protect the body from toxic effects due to stress. Nowadays there are also many supplements made of kelor leaf extracts and are intended to be consumed routinely to avoid stress.

2. Good for addressing Diabetes

Those of you who are sick of diabetes surely know how hard it is to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Well, try to consume the kelor leaves when your blood sugar levels are rising. From a study known if 50 grams of kelor leaves consumed can reduce blood sugar by 21 percent. It is recommended for diabetics to consume these Celtic leaves regularly both in supplement form and fresh. Kelor leaves can also help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

3. Preventing inflammation

If you often do outdoor activities and are prone to injuries, then kelor leaves are the best medicine. In the leaves contained anti-inflammatory kelor that serves to reduce the inflammation occurring. You know, the inflammation that continues to be left and not treated appropriately can trigger the occurrence of heart disease and very lethal cancer. In addition, Kelor leaves are also rich in antioxidants that can help combat free radicals that enter the body. High free radicals can trigger stress and premature aging of the skin as well as hair.

4. Preventing cancer

One of the benefits of kelor leaves that are highly admired by many researchers is its ability to prevent cancer. In the leaves of kelor there are cells that can break the seed of cancer in the human body. This makes kelor leaves function as cancer prevention naturally and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the early stages.

In addition to these benefits, there is also the benefit of kelor leaves for the eyes. The content of the kelor leaves can help to sharpen eyesight for people with minus eye and evening blindness. If consumed regularly, the vision will be better and clearer. In addition, Kelor leaves can also prevent eye diseases thanks to the high content of vitamin A in it. Cataracts, long-sightedness, and shortsightedness can be treated with Celtic leaves that are rich in retinol content. The retinol will then work on the retina trunk and make the visibility of the eyes better.

If you want to get the benefits of kelor leaves for the eyes, try treatment in the following ways. First, prepare the kelor leaves that have been washed thoroughly and separated from the stem. Then puree the kelor leaves can use a blender or pestle. If the kelor leaves have been smooth, you can add one glass of water to it. Let the solution be in the glass and do not stir. After a few minutes, the pulp from the mashed leaves will settle at the bottom of the glass. Well, water that is in the glass section can be used as an eye drops.

In addition to the eyes, there are also the benefits of kelor leaves for beauty. Yes, you have not heard, if this kelor leaves are very efficacious in keeping skin face? Let's see the following benefits:

5. Preventing Premature Aging

Entering the age of 30s many women are worried about the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Well, this kelor leaves can help fight free radicals and overcome skin problems including also wrinkles and fine lines. To prevent premature aging of the skin, you can make the leaves have been smoothed as a mask and let stand for a while on the face. This kelor leaf is also very potent to smooth the skin.

6. Prevents the lips from breaking down

Dry, cracked lips will not look beautiful when wearing a lipstick. Well, the pounded kelor leaves can produce an excellent natural oil to moisturize the lips. How to smooth the lips with these kelor leaves is very easy, you just have to mash the leaves of the kelor until completely smooth without using water. Later will come out oil from the leaves of the kelor and you can dab on the lips every night. In the morning, you will find the lips more humid and supple.

7. Brighten Skin Tone

HMM, every woman certainly wants to get clean and bright radiant skin. But unfortunately, black blemishes and acne scars always haunt. To overcome this, you can wear a kelor leaf mask that will help remove black blemishes and spots so that the skin tones look brighter. Not only that, leaves Kelor turns also potent to overcome acne. When acne is inflamed and the color is flushed, it certainly feels very painful. Apply a kelor leaf mask that can cope with the inflammation so that the acne quickly mengempes.

8. As a body detox

If you've tried a wide range of anti-acne products But the problem of this one is still unsolved, it could be caused by dirty blood. To detoxify, you can consume kelor leaves that serve as vegetables or drink the juice that has been blended. The content in the leaves of the kelor will help remove toxins from the body so that you are free from various skin problems.

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