How to process Kelor leaves for daily consumption and treatment

Have you known the benefits of kelor leaves for the body? The traditional Ayurvedic medicine called the plant by another name Moringa Oleifera has a healing efficacy for 300 types of diseases. That is why Indian physicians have learned how to cultivate kelor leaves for centuries.

How to process Kelor leaves for daily consumption and treatment
How to process Kelor leaves for daily consumption and treatment

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Kelor as a food source to meet the nutritional needs of toddlers in poor countries. The results of the study showed that leaves, stems, and seeds contain a number of beneficial compounds, such as vitamin A, Itamin C, quercetin, and chlorogenic acid.

A number of the benefits of Kelor for health include preventing cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. Kelor is also beneficial to overcome menstrual pains and protect the body from the exposure of arsenic toxins.

Currently we can take the efficacy of kelor by consuming extracts or capsules. Kelor can also be consumed as a vegetable. So what if you want to cultivate your own kelor? Here we show you how to cultivate kelor leaves for daily consumption and traditional medicine.

How to cultivate fresh Kelor leaves

If you intend to cultivate or cook the fresh kelor leaves, it is best to consume a maximum of 4 hours after the defloration.

The leaves of the kelor easily undergo a fermentation process, visible from the leaf that quickly wither and yellow. If this is the nutrient content will also decrease.

The fresh kelor leaves can be immediately cooked or brewed into a tea.

How to cultivate Kelor leaves to tea

One of the most popular ways to cultivate kelor leaves is to spread it like a tea. In order to get a kelor tea leaves, you need to powder the leaves of the kelor or kelor leaves that have been dried.

Here we show how to cultivate the kelor leaves into a tea:

The leaves of the kelor are still fresh and young. It is located near the tip and light green.
Soak the kelor leaves in clean water to clear the stuck dirt.

Once washed clean, dry the leaves Kelor. Place it on the tray, then place it in the open air. Do not place it in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight exposure can make the nutritional content less.
If the kelor leaves have been perfectly dry, mash or blender until it becomes a fine powder.

Save the Kelor leaves that have become a powder in a special container and place it in a cool place. The purpose of this storage is to eliminate the oxidative enzymes that make the leaves of the powder kelor can not be stored long.

If you want to make a tea, take 1 or 2 tablespoons of kelor powder leaves. After that brew with hot water. Add Honey If you want a sweeter taste. Tea consumption immediately after brewed.
So how to process the kelor leaves into a tea. Just information, research shows strong evidence that Kelor can help cure cancer.

A study in the year 2015 published in the journal PLoS One showed that leaf extracts, stem bark, and kelor seeds are beneficial to increase the number of apoptosis cancer cells in breast and colon cancer patients. It is a cancer cell that is capable of self destruct.

Another study conducted by Israeli researchers found that the combination of kelor and radiation therapy could significantly reduce the viability and metastatic of pancreatic cancer cells. This treatment also effectively inhibits tumor growth.

How to cultivate Kelor leaves for breast milk

Besides beneficial for treatment, Kelor is also known to facilitate breast milk in nursing mothers. The way to cultivate kelor leaves for the easiest breast milk is to turn it into a dish. Here we show you easy recipes that can be practiced.

Kelor Leaf Clear Vegetable


1 bowl of fresh, young kelor leaves
1 fruit sweet corn, cut into 3 parts
1 piece Oyong/Gambas, cut into 1 cm
1 medium size tomato fruit, cut into pieces
1 handheld Basil

4 shallots, finely sliced
1 cm key meeting, clean Wash
Sugar to taste
Salt to taste

How to cultivate kelor leaves into clear vegetables:

Heat the water in the pot to taste. Enter the corn and oyong, then cook until cooked.
Put the onion and the key Temu, then season with salt and sugar to taste.
Lastly, insert the kelor, tomatoes, and basil leaves. Cook until the kelor and Basil just wither, about 5 minutes.

Serve a clear vegetable of kelor leaf with white rice.

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